Free downloads - Licence key

Hi, where will I find the license key for the free template downloads, or any instructions on how to activate free templates plz


Free downloads do not come with purchase codes. These should work without the need to activate them

Thanks for the support Charlie, I jumped the gun, after installation everything worked perfectly.

All the free downloads are coming up with a charge for me. Any ideas? I tried to download November’s freebies, and they have dollar amounts.

Me too, it won’t let me download this one [Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template by rengstudio | GraphicRiver](Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template by rengstudio | GraphicRiver

It’s not November still in Australia where envato is and things are based upon - the free items will be updating soon

So this reply is from the future?

When we sent the last reply it was around 6am on Dec 1st in Melbourne.

This happens every month when people try to download it right at the end of the month as I don’t think it’s possible to dynamically present/remove items across all the marketplaces based on individual users locations or IP


I am so very disappointed with my freebie theme download, after installation I found that there are serious conflicts between the theme core plugin (the site doesn’t work without it) and Elementor as well as Woocommerce. Both are part of the theme installation as required plugins. Even in their ad they claim both are compatible with this theme.

So I reached out for support: (this will make your hair stand up!)

Oh yeah, because you are using the free version which is a very old version, it is not compatible with either elementor or wordpress!!!

They actually knew there was a serious flaw in the template, and that it wont work, their suggestion is to immediately upgrade to Pro, otherwise no support or updated theme files.

I have wasted many hours trying to set this theme up to no avail, now to get rid of it I have to delete the entire WP installation and start from scratch, they wasted my time!

My question is: why are they allowed to distribute such an old version as a “freebie” on Themeforest, knowing it is a dud?

Disappointed :rage: