Free crypto currency exchange script needed

Hello please who can help me with free cryptocurrency script

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If you’re using WordPress, you can try a free plugin from - but it looks like most if not all of the “free” options are either outdated or a bit sketchy …

If you checkout Codecanyon though there are some decent looking options starting at $44 (check the category before purchasing though - since the link below is showing a mix of results for HTML, PHP, WordPress, etc.):


Can you led me trough

As @WPExplorer rightfully said this is not a space where there is likely to be a free answer and even if there was - given what it is for and the potential financial and security impact, a free tool seems unwise?

The CodeCanyon items are amazing value for the relatively cheap price


Unfortunately custom development or setup services are not something we offer, but you can try a freelancer marketplace like Envato Studio to find someone for hire.