Free (beginner) masterclass realistic orchestral mockups

Hi all,
I’ve been working on a little orchestral composition lately and I was wondering if there is any interest in me making in depth walkthrough videos of it. Showing you how I made this track, how I did the panning, balancing, EQ-ing etc. Which libraries. How I mixed it and mastered it. And if you’re interested in getting the project files (midi mockup) so you can rebuild the music track in your own DAW for either further learning.

The music track is included in the video. Love to hear from you :slight_smile:



Very nice inderdaad David! I dont do this genre right now, but i am sure plenty here will want to learn about orchestral music.

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Thanks Robert! You’re welcome too … altijd :slight_smile:

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The responses were overwhelming last week. A lot of people contacted me through social media and direct messages that they would be interested. So I decided to start this masterclass. Today the first video of many.

Fee free to join. In this first video you can pick up the project files and prepare yourself for the upcoming videos.

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After a great start of the FREE masterclass ‘How to create a realistic orchestral mockup’, the responses last week were massive! Lots of people joined, downloaded the project files and follow me along during the upcoming weeks while we rebuild my original composition Show Opener.

Today I released a new weekly video of this masterclass (always on Thursday) and made a new project file available to download. We’re building up an orchestral template first.

If you haven’t joined yet, feel free to do. You’re welcome to participate!

Cya next week!