Free Backup Plugin


Hello to all the cool people out here.

I and my friend harman have a website.

I am kind of looking for a free backup plugin, so that I may have a backup, if and when my site is hacked or something or anything breaks, I am ready with the backup.

It should have a free schedule option.

Any help out here is highly appreciated.



Hello @mattallen093

You can try this plugin:

Thanks :slight_smile:


And you are using what CMS?


Hi Matt

If you are looking forward for a customized solution thenplease contact via my envato account.

I will create a back plugin for you with a free schedule option as well


Thank you all. I have started using updraft for my website Your Top Best and it works like charm, I have not configured any schedules as of now, I do it manually everytime I login to the console.