Fraudulent Software

I came across software that has some maturity to it. However, upon purchase and download, I realized that it was nothing like the demos and the code was largely - garbage. Evanto put their seal of approval on this code stating it was quality checked. What is this method of quality checking, exactly?

Some issues that are making me want to refund:

  1. Evanto Listing touts several features that aren’t in the software or not working and one particular feature that doesn’t work is the sole reason for buying it (“Legally Binding Contract management” - there is nothing legally binding about it - you can’t even sign it and there is no way to add templates or send this to a 3rd party other than printing to pdf and then sending that pdf - it is a rediculous claim to say that it offers legally binding contract creation, signing and management)

  2. Software malforms MariaDB tables to the point you can’t drop those tables

  3. The design elements are atrociously thought out with nested lightbox iframes

  4. And the product you get is very different from the demo

All-in-all this seems like a nightmare listing that I wouldn’t want to be listed on my site if I was running Evanto.

Is there any recourse after buying this? I’m not as concerned about a refund as I am about ensuring others don’t fall victim to this software.

Hi @leewells2000,

I would like to highly recommend that please at first contact the author of your purchased item, the item author will assist you.

Also you can open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know your concerned. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it for you.



Thank you sir, I’ve opened a ticket! Thanks for the help!

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