Fraudulent misuse of music on a YouTube Channel

I found this YouTube Channel “Noise Library” witch is fraudulently using one of my soundtrack “Dark Ethnic Suspense” in this video here: - YouTube

He is distributing the music as “No Copyright Music” and in the description of his video he says:

“Write me a personal letter and provide a link to your YouTube channel. I will add your channel to the HAAWK whitelist. Your videos will not receive copyright claims. You will be able to monetize your YouTube videos.”

If this YouTuber has bought a license for my music, he has the right to use it in a video, but is not allowed to give the license information and distribute it to other people so they can clear their video or whitelist their channel.

I have sent him an email about how he is fraudulently using the music with no response. This is his email:

I also reached out to envato support and I will be making a DMCA takedown notice soon.

All my music is registered with Identifyy.

Meanwhile, let me know if any of you have your music on this channel.

This channel has to be shut down asap.

I’m sure you already know this, but you can flag the video for infringing on your copyrights directly within Youtube.

If they are illegitimately using a valid license to clear contentid claims on behalf of their viewers, you want to tell Identifyy to flag that license somehow.


Just tell Identifyy to start claiming all videos that had the claims removed with that specific license username.

Yes, I flagged this video.The thing is, I’m not 100% sure he bought a license. How can I check this?

Do I impersonate someone who wants to whitelist my “pretend” video and ask him for the license info?

Since he violated the terms of the license, the said license is thus void. You can claim away.

It’s worth a try


I wrote about a similar problem a few days ago, in the topic below.
I recognized a large number of compositions from AudioJungle on this channel, and it also states in the description that the music is free to share and use.

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With the content IDs the artists concerned will have monetization, if however they are ADREv or Identifyy.

:sunglasses: The video has been removed, but the channel is still running here:

If anyone has their music on this channel, you should submit a copyright removal request

This guy knows he is posting illegal music videos. He had a 7 day period to take down the video and the minute he got messaged by YouTube Legal Support Team he took it down to avoid a strike.

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