Framework and Custom Fields in a WordPress Theme


which framework do you use in your WordPress Themes? And what do you use for custom fields?

Io have just started to use Redux Framework. Is it possible use metaboxes for page settings without using ACF?

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Redux Framework and CMB2

Yes, you can create custom meta boxes without using ACF but you should create it using a plugin ( plugin territory) not included in your theme

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Why CMB2? Is not possible only with Redux?

If it isn’t possible, can I use also ACF instead CMB2?

Is there a guide to create custom meta boxes for page settings in Redux?

Thank you!

CMB2 is easy to use and it gives a lot of ready to use custom fields. Also, their documentation is great.

Ok, I hoped it was possible also with Redux.

In this case, I prefer ACF to create custom fields.

CMB2 needs to be integrated in the Theme or installed through TGMPA?

No, not possible with Redux.

CMB2 will be installed through TGMPA.

So I can use also ACF, it seems more easy to use.

Yes, you can but it is limited in the free version.

I know, but in fact I was going to purchase the PRO version.

No my friend, Redux is only for theme options.
If you want to integrate Meta Boxes, you have to use metabox plugins (ACF, CMB2, CODESTAR, or your own codes.

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Currently, Kirki is best for theme options framework, and best things are you create your code better than using any plugin and if you have used any plugins for Custom Field is not bad.

Thank you

Thanks for your suggestion @ixonetheme , but kirki only add customizer fields, which is awful when you make demo content using it. Like if you export demo content through Parent theme and if user install child theme, they will not see anything related with customizer / kirki.
Do you have any suggestion how to fix it?

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Thank you! In fact I purchased ACF PRO and I will use it for custom fields and also for Theme Options, avoiding Redux Framework.

I already used Kirki, but I wanted to change it, I needed an Options Page in WP Admin Panel and not in Customizer. With ACF PRO I can use both custom fields and Theme Settings.

That’s great. I also use ACF pro for Meta box, but I don’t like it’s theme options. I love redux framework for theme options.

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In my case ACF PRO is sufficient also for Theme Options, in this way I use only one plugin.

Codestar also great for meta boxes as well as theme options. It’s theme options look very professional. Also, their support is awesome

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At the moment I fell good with ACF PRO, but thanks anyway! :slight_smile: