Four Rejects. Heen your help PLEASE!

Greetings! And again i got a few rejects at last week! And again i need your help. Guys…I need your help really. Please can you tell me whats wrong in those works i put here. Of course if you have a time.

Hey Blacksmith!

These tracks are quite nice. They all sound very good and clean, so I think the main reasons for rejection are compositional.

All of these tracks are quite short - probably too short - and very, very specific. Some specificity in stock music is fine, but I think these may be a bit too much over the line. I can certainly hear these tracks behind some video, but I think they are simply too un-generic to fit as stock music.

Really that’s the only thing I can see that could be wrong here. The tracks are just too obscure/unique/nonstandard to work as stock. They need more structure to them, more thematic movements, less artistry and more craftsmanship.

At least that’s my thoughts. I really like your work! Best of luck in the future!

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Hello! I like your work, but I think it is more specific to this market, these tracks can decorate your own site or a channel … I do not understand why rejected jazz piano :frowning:
If you are interested in my opinion, makes the music easier, clearer and longer melodic part, try to provide a variation of your track … and try … try … try … until you do not become clear what the problem is.
Good Luck!

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Thanks a lot folks. Ill try to fix this stuff. Because ive spend a lot of time on those tracks.

1st track is cool. 2nd track is cool, but maybe slightly too much reverb/maybe rejected because it is solo guitar. 3rd track is great, but there is some weird sound at the very end. 4th track probably has a bit too much reverb for AJ tastes.

Of course all tracks are walking a fine line between commercial viability and musicality…

I think your track Carefee is really nice! But to me it sounds like you’re rushing the tempo at the end of each phrase and the tempochange at the end is too drastic. At times the piano chords sounds at bit muddy (maybe because of pedal use?)and the G13b9 chord @18 sec may be too dissonant for some. :slight_smile:
But a nice track, reminds me of music from sitcoms in the eighties.

I do a simple primitive tracks and also get waivers. maybe the music is not to blame. inspectors also checked and punished. perhaps they reject out of fear. work factor “hear no ordinary right not commercial.” I have already said that bad when one person decides for thousands of people. I have an idea to create the “perfect portfolio invato sellers” and I want to talk about it. and if it is accepted, all will be easier.

PS Another can be “sanctions” but it’s my guess. I found on “audiojungle” such rubbish that it is harmful to listen. I’m not talking about buying. and the authors of this debris is not … Well, you understand.

Good luck.

@_Blacksmith , I think this music is great ! Really nice work dude !

I really like them all, I have to agree that maybe it’s not what envato is looking for. But man, those are really really nice!!

I like that Carefree track, sounds like something you’d hear in like a romantic comedy. What was the reason given in the rejection letter, anything specific? Maybe the biggest thing I am hearing in all 4 tracks is they are pretty simple in terms of like layers of instrumentation. I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing but maybe it’s what the reviewers issue might be.

Thanks to all of you people))) A couple of days ago I try to fix two works - this was a carefree. Ow this is Jazzy track and mystic…