Four Items rejected.

I have had four items rejected , and i have not got any clue as to why that is.
I am a budding graphic designer who uses a lot of elements and filters to make an effect on my work.
I would really like some guidance on what standard and also what exactly the authors are looking for in their graphics which they are willing to sell please.

Thank you.

Hello, you better upload your items here.

I can’t understand where these type of files are used?? Can anyone please let me know…

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You have the gift but you lack the knowledge it has symmetry 75% but lack other principles
you need to read more about theories of designing

Your works remind me with a psychological test for personality, I studied in my college .

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oh man,

this remainds me infected mushroom songs

I love them hahahahhah :smiley: but they can’t be accepted - they are mode for what? Really tell us.

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Thank you for your constructive comments. They will help me with my next projects.
Has for hat you said about Psychological , i do actually suffer from “Aspergers” so that may count for a lot.
I also have a outlook for things unusual , and i love expressing things in my unusual graphics. Just wish i could find a market for it , but will take your advice and study a bit more on the theories of designing.
I’ve never been to college to learn graphics (bit late in life i’m 53).

Thank you for your comments.
Need to improve on what i do.

Thank you for your comment , am just wanting to find a market for this kind of work.
It is a bit unusual i know and not of what normal people will do but then i think i am not normal (WHAT IS NORMAL???).

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