Four hard rejections. Please take a moment to criticize these songs.

I’ve been an audio jungle author since 2008. Two years ago, I had all of my songs disabled and have not written for audio jungle in that time.

I’ve submitted 5 songs recently. four have been out right hard rejections and I’m confident that the fifth song will be rejected as well. would you take a moment and listen to them and provide feedback? Harsh feedback if necessary. I’m starting to think that I probably don’t have a home here anymore. Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.

the only thing i can think is that maybe they are too short? i listened to the first two and the production is definitely up to par IMO. the sports rock is very well done! there is a lot going on though, maybe it’s too busy for AJ?


Hey man, thanks for your reply. Will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings :slight_smile:

Your tunes seems ok to me. I had recently four rejections in row after 30 approvals in row which I asked for a feedback in this topic: Need feedback for my rejected items...
but with no answer yet…
Seems that the reviewers must be very hard to us because of the tons of music that they have to listen every day…