Forum Updates - Excuse our Dust


Looks awesome boys :wink:
Keep on the good work!! :wink:


Just one question?!
How can badges be activated on the Forum profile?!

UPDATE: Just found it. Nevermind the question!
Looks awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks guys :wink:


just wanna see 14 badges :smiley:


Want to know what I would say about this new design ?

We have completed our review of “Envato New Forum Design” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward



Can we have 9 badges displayed :D?


Waiting for those forum badges :star_struck::star_struck:


I think you should put the badges on two columns instead of three… They are too small right now! Reaallly tiny.

2x per row will be just fine.


@KingDog there’s a bit of a problem with the alignment of the badges…


Yeah’s it’s a bit off on mobile. I’ll see if something can be done. Thanks!


So, the old paws had different colors for each author level. So one was able to tell which level it was just by looking at the color of the badge.

You said “Well the new badges have a number on it, that shows it as well”.

Now please, without hovering with your mouse over my paw, which level is my paw?

tl;dr: I want my Paw Colors back :frowning:


We’d like to show some more badge love. Currently it’s a bit difficult to add and update badges but I’m hoping that will change :smile:


It’s a great idea to make paws (different levels) in different colors and shades! It is a pity that I have not seen this before. :wink: I interesting what kind of paw was what color. Just curious!


I’m sure you can find old versions of envato market on where they show all old paws.

Level 9 was the “Plutonium Paw”, and I was really looking forward to creating the “Yay! Plutonium Paw!” thread, but before I reached this goal they changed all paws to red.
Red has been the “Sold 1+ Dollar” level before… so it did feel like a “Back to start” back then and a lot of people were complaining about the missing colors.

But yeah, badge love was something back in the day when ENvato was a small company and Collis posting in the forums answering author’s questions and concerns. Good old times :slight_smile:


Sounds very interesting! It is a pity that they will not return us :frowning: Very faded color with a red paw, it is not even visible, it is not conspicuous. I think the old design looked more interesting.


Found a comparison pic in an old thread:

The pic is off by one at level 7 onwards, though, as there has been no author level for 75K+, that got you just the elite badge. Gold (level 6) was 50K-100K if I recall correctly, titanium was 100k-250k (now replaced roughly with level 8 125K-250K) and 250k-500k was plutonium. After that they got fancy.

Actually, I was wrong, red was the “sold 1K+” badge. Still very low.


They could ask the designers (even authors) or work on the design of the paws themselves! Orange bright color for the paw 5 I would suggest! For 7 paws the color of gold! For 12 paw color of a ruby or amethyst!


Just tinting the existing paw-badges in different colors would do the job for me, honestly.

But it sounds like there is a lot going on at envato nowadays and there is no time for work that does not bring any new money in and is solely for the community. Then on the other hand, they did tweak the forum design, so maybe, just maybe we see paw colors in a few years as well :smiley:

Still missing category filters in my portfolio cough cough


Encouraging and reassuring! I agree that they need to change the color of the paws according to the level!


Yay! Badges! But please make them bigger :smiley:


Very domestic and useful forum. But need, maybe, more talks about music standarts quality and what is acept or not.