Forum Updates - Excuse our Dust

Hey Everyone!

We’re going to be launching some new updates to the forums today including a new tagging tool, a new homepage, and a new badge display tool! Sorry if things look a little out of place for a bit :smiley:


the topic’s titles are more shorter in view

I must say you look positively dashing with those new badges, @KingDog.

Now where are mine? :smiley:


Hope it will be mobile friendly

iPhone SE

The interface improves when you charge your phone :joy:


We’ve been updating as we go :smiley:

Looks good and new tagging tools will be helpful.
but I can see many repeated Tags.

We’re working on the repeated tags now :slight_smile:


Topics are outdated (2015).

We’re going to tweak and adjust where that help section pulls posts from. Thanks!

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Ou. Now interface looks very uncomfortable. Topics take away more place (6-7 lines) Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I can not say for sure, but it seems to me that the tagging tool will not be used by users. Maybe I’m wrong. This is just my opinion. At least I don’t think that I will use it in the future. I mean that it’s too complex schemes. When we go to the browser on the start page, we see only search bar. We enter “watch film online” and only after we see results we will deside what to do next: select site --> select movie --> etc. So, minimalism, I think, is the best way to organizate structure of any site. And when I see alllll these tags (who steal a lot of space), I don’t understand the priority of this tagging tool.
And what the strange “can you help these people?” section. What is this?

Also I don’t think that it is very important changes to add badge display tool to the forum. It makes forum less laconic, and more confusing. I would move all badges to the drop down panel.
Anyway, this is only my reasoning. That’s what I feel. Hope we all together will make our forum amazing and useful :^)

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Noooooo…and to loose the funniest part? :smile: :blush:

This was a great feature of old forums, I love to see it coming back to life :slight_smile:


Praise be for forum badges!


I think this also should be fixed


And one more thing - links on number of replies should be fixed