Forum support was blocked by seller

Hello community:

We have searched on the procedure and been advised to join this community to find answers to our problem.

We purchased Hotel Calluna - Hotel & Resort & WordPress Theme on December 29 2015. After 14 Topics and 77 replies, about a month ago, we been blocked in the support forum of, the seller of the theme, not being able to finish the Website for our customer, as there still are css issues in the booking plugin that comes with the theme,

Theme twins justifies blocking us on ground of “writing in other peoples posts”. We started writing on other posts after desperation took us, as we found that other customers are suffering of the same issues, contrary of what theme twins was argumenting us that “the issues are caused by our own files and css customization”.

We always told theme twins that we use standard compliant procedures, with child themes and customizing through the functions.php child theme.

The last post we wrote them was the following, demonstrating their wrong css:

“Hello Theme twins:

As we explained before, we are not asking for customization.

This is wrong css from origin that needs to be repaired by you, the developers.

Two html/css issues that came with the last Awe Booking update need to fix.

  1.  The first one has no arrows shown on calendar.
  2.  The second one, at 750px resolution, the booking form seems to go behind the background (z-index problem).

Same behavior in your demo in (to be sure is not an issue from our css customization).

Please provide an urgent solution for this.


We come to this community seeking on advice of the procedure, of what can be done to make twin themes recognize their css error, to fix the issue, and to get us back on their forum again.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Here are the support forum replies in case there is the need to see the facts

[link removed - contains lots of passwords]


If you know the issues, why don’t you fix them yourself. After all, you are in the webdev business. Those are simple things you can do with a few lines of css…

When you buy a theme, or anything, you are supposed to receive it working fine.

Why does a customer has to fix a theme he paid for?

Your comment doesnt contribute for a solution to make a seller deliver his work, tested and complete, as it should be done in a professional basis.

Is the item still supported or did you purchase support as well?

I purchased the item at the end of december 2015. 6 months support.

After that, I purchased extended support for 6 months. Valid until January 10, 2017.

We are still on paid support period. Nevertheless, have been blocked for telling the truth.

Where do we go for help? What can be done?


Why are you posting FTP and WordPress login details on a public forum? That is a very bad idea. Please remove them asap.

It sounds like the theme is not suitable. You are welcome to request a refund if you believe the item contains errors and then you can discontinue using the item and find a better item that is more suitable to your needs.

You can also hire professional developers over at to fix up any issues or create missing features.

If you’re interested in:

Thanks for the recommendations on the links; they were removed and the credentials are no longer valid.

Therefore, I post the link again:

Regarding the theme, it was fixed after a long exchange of forum posts, and now it´s suitable.

The issues are related to the booking plugin Awe Booking.

We already fixed the css issues, but, as you can see in this post we made in the plugin forum page 20, there is also an issue present in Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.

We are not looking for customization. We are professional developers and designers and customize the look and feel by ourselves.

We are asking for what any customer will ask. A working final product provided by THE SELLER.

We already asked for a refund, but were not granted it. Can´t remember the argument of the seller not to grant the refund, and can´t recall it as it´s in the forum.

In this ENVATO COMMUNITY we are looking for a procedure to enforce the seller TO DELIVER IN A NORMAL WORKING CONDITION the plugin that is sold as a package with his Calluna theme.


I understand your point but I had the same issue one of the item. Asked for the support and it seems it’d take less time to fix it by myself rather than : describe it, send screenshots, follow the process, wait

About the plug-in author, if that was me, I wouldn’t provide support either. It’s the author’s responsibility to fix or the report the issue. He cannot know how you get the plug-in

I agree with you, but the plugin author is telling me that his support must be provided through Calluna theme support system. His response below.

Therefore, If Calluna blocks us, we are left alone. This is why we need to find a way to enforce Calluna.

"kiditran AUTHOR TEAM
about 11 hours ago Flag
Hi there,

Unfortunately, we just support anyone who buy directly our themes. So you wil have to contact to Calluna’s author. He will contract me and solve your problems."


Not much things to offer at this point but as a start you could submit a ticket to Envato
Good luck!

If you need support, fixes or future updates for awebookings then you will need to purchase a separate license for the awebookings plugin. Otherwise you can just wait for awebookings to fix the issue, then wait again for your theme author to include the updated fix and distribute it to all their customers.

Alternatively just use a different plugin that has the features you need.

I sense this Forum favours the seller over the customer.

I will submit a ticket to Envato.

Thank you all.

It’s not about that, the problem is there’s nothing we/you can do it here. Only way is to contact the support but due to holiday, don’t expect a reply sooner