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Is there a way to read the forums more like a feed, or a blog? I find it a bit cumbersome to click on every topic I wish to read. I’d very much like it to be more like a newspaper, displaying all the recent posts from all topics (or even better, my own selection of topics). I’d rather scroll than click, so to speak. Maybe this is somehow built in, but I just haven’t figured out how to activate it?

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Let me know if you find a way :slight_smile:

Well you can go to your forum preferences and ‘mute’ the topics (tags) that you don’t want to see.

Then click on “Latest” to see a list of the latest posts (without the muted topics)…

Don’t know if that’s what you were asking for?

Thanks, but when I click “Latest” I only get this:

It’s not really a list of “posts”, it’s a list of “topics”. And yes, I can see which ones are recently updated, which is great, and I can click them, which I do, but what I would REALLY like is to get something more like this…


See? A “feed” with the latest posts, from different topics.