Forum category and Terms of Service changes (early January)

Hi all. Happy (soon to be) new year! For those who celebrate festivals and holidays across the end of December, I hope you’ve been able to take some time out with your friends and family :green_heart:

We’ll be making a few changes to the forum categories next week, aimed at reducing the amount of overlap between different author forum areas:

  • Our PhotoDune and Welcome T20 Authors areas will be merging together, so there’s a single place to talk shop about producing and selling stock photography.

  • We’ll also be updating some category names - for example, the PhotoDune area will be labelled Photo Authors; the AudioJungle area will be labelled Music and SFX Authors, etc. We now have a lot of people who sell on Market and Elements, and it no longer makes much sense to split up item or content type discussions based on the platform things are sold on.

We’ll keep the Elements Authors section for now, as it mostly deals with platform-specific issues like the dashboard and payment system used for Elements - though if those systems become universal across all our platforms, we might change the forum structure again to reflect this in future. Where discussions are specific to a particular content type (e.g. PRO registration for audio authors, Elementor template kits for Web authors) instead of the marketplace platform, we’ll move those over to the relevant forum area.

In other news, there’s a recent(ish) change to our forum Terms of Service to raise here as well.

This actually changed a while ago, but I realised that I never posted an announcement about it at the time. The old competitor rule was leading to a lot of mangled discussions where people used various workarounds to allude to other websites, without technically saying their names…

The new competitor rule simply reads as follows:

Please DON’T:

  • Link to competitor sites or items. Mentioning website names is fine in the context of a discussion, but don’t link directly to those sites here.

As a community, our members sell items on a lot of different sites and marketplaces. It’s useful to be able to talk about these with other authors, and trying to do so in coded language is a bit weird and unnecessary :smiley: All we ask is that you don’t link out to competitor sites, and that you respect the other forum rules about things like self-promotion.

If you spot our forum’s autocorrect trying to stop you from mentioning a website name, please flag it with the moderators (or send me a DM) - we’ve tried to remove any outdated rules in the system, but we may still have missed a few.



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Great :v:

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Good changes.


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All working fine.


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