I’m looking for a Wordpress Form. Which would meet the par parameter.

  1. Save form data to CSV to FTP
  2. Recognize the correctness of a field based on a condition from another field. Example in Field “A” I fill “52” I know that in field “B” must be for example the sum of numbers from field “A” i.e. “7”. if it does not fill “7” invalid field.

Many thanks.


You may have a look at my PHP Form Builder.

The forms can be loaded into any HTML web page (with Ajax loading).

Dependent fields and validation depending on the parent field value is a native feature (and easy to use, there’s nothing special to do)

When you post the form PHP Validation is done, you can do anything you want, i.e., send the data in emails and save it into a database.

If you want to record the data into a file or export it in CSV, you must program it in PHP. (or maybe hire me if you wish).

I thought Gravity forms has a dedicated add-on plugin for exactly this ftp integration and the conditional logic is a standard feature

You can check out Formed - Self-hosted Online Form Builder by staticmaker | CodeCanyon