Form not being recieved at recipient

Hi, I recently created a site from an Archi template and the form will submit but is not being received by the recipient, any ideas?

Hi, Are you using html template or wordpress theme or joomla template named Archi?

Sorry, html. I’m still learning and have the site complete but i just cant get the form to be received at the info@ address, but when i mail them direct they get it. I naturally changed the sample address in the php to the new intended info@

Thank you

you have to change the recipient address in the email processing php file. If you already done this then check what functionality is using in the email sending process. If using php default mail function then there is a possibility your hosting is preventing to process the default php mail function. in that case you can contact your hosting support. if they can’t proceed with default php mail function then you can purchase a better php form script from here:

Also you can ask technical support from your purchased item author:
How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Thanks a million