Form builder


I’m looking for a form builder or a system which can send emails when submitted, but different parts of the form goes to different recipients.

Like Name and number goes to but Social security number goes to

Cant find anything like this immediately but, maybe you guys know of something like this? Preferably for wordpress

Gravity forms


Gravity forms is a great option - you might also be able to pull this off with WP Forms using their conditional logic for notifications, but I’m not 100% sure if you can limit the information sent to each person (e.g. Email1 and Email2 might both get the full name, number and SSN). Maybe send them a pre-sale question to find out (

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Oh - and ARForms can do this as well. You’d just have to setup your form submission notifications using ARForrms’ shortcodes so certain form fielsd go to specific people.

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