forkbite template with Layersliders WP issues

i bought forkbite template recently that came with Layerslider WP plugin which i have been trying to customize in my wordpress site for a couple of weeks now with no success. i created a ticket in Chimp systems but the support guy called Andrew who started working on the ticket just stopped and i gotstuck now and dont know what to do next and my client becoming so impatient with me.

the problem with the layerslider wp plugin is that it is not accepting any image uploaded from the media library, also now editting of the sliders can be saved , nothing can be changed in this plugin.

pls can anyone help?

Hello :smiley:

If you require, there are several experts at WordPress plugin customization over at Envato Studio.


hello kingdog & ki-themes

thanks for the response but the links you recommended me to visit for solutions require payments before assisting.

i guess someone in this forum could have experienced similar problems and will be willing to share with me to help me.