Forgot song name in audiojungle, soundizer offline?


Hi, I need to find the audio I’ve downloaded week ago but I dont have the name of the song. I’m trying but it is offline. would someone help, pls?



Hey there! Post some preview here.


Sorry, is my first time here, how do I upload a audio file?

Should I post wetransfer link?

Thanks man!


It’s ok. You can’t upload file to the forum, but you can post link to it.


here it is:


pls, anyone, help!!


OH! I’m sorry! I’ve send it the wrong link. I’m in panic, gotta deliver the video in 2 hours. Here i the link for audio preview:





Here it is, I narrowed it down using the 123bpm tempo and track length. Kinda proud of myself. :slight_smile:


you da man :wink:


Thank you so much man!!!


You da man!!! :sunglasses:


Glad to be of help.