Forget Password Email Template not working.

We are using JobMarket theme and would like to know why the Forgot Password Email Template doesn’t work it only sends one e-mail that doesn’t have the newly password included.

This message only i received for your perusal.

Hi [user],

This notice confirms that your password was changed on [company].

If you did not change your password, please contact the Site Administrator at

This email has been sent to [email]

All at [company]


Please help us to troubleshoot the problem

Hi @marjdesign,

Welcome to the forums! If the theme was purchased on ThemeForest, you should contact its author for further support:


@lucalogos is spot on with suggesting that you ask the author, but are you sure that password generation is included as part of the theme?

There is quite a difference between sending alert emails and doing this with automated random content applied to different user accounts, and often requires separate customisation and integration with whatever CRM or client management tools you are using.