Forecasting for Themeforest

Hello every one, Hope You all are doing good business.
Today i started this topic just to know about the views of other author’s, Basically where Themeforest is moving towards?

Any Suggestions, what to pick, what to leave and whats to happen. :slight_smile:

Looking for all your precious comments. :slight_smile:

Yes, the same Question I have.
Few Myths that are coming to my mind:
#1: Wait for New CEO Actions that will be major factor which decides future of this market.
#2: I have seen Recently ShutterStock change his CEO and Now this is One of Worst Marketplace Now.
#3: Covid-19 is also main factor, Just in case Envato (overall market sales are down)
#4: Before Launching New CEO, Envato conducted a Survery, hope you have seen and filled and their categorically questions, telling us a lot for their future decisions.
#5: Market is overall Decline Stage at this time But can be back to Top, needs to make Big and Hard Decision.
#6: Lastly, Dont Forget Envato Elements as well.