Force buyer to enter license key to activate plugin features?


Is it OK to force buyer to enter license key in WP plugin to be able to use the plugin features? Or should it be optional for buyers for automatic updates.

Please suggest


yes, you can integrate check license systems using envato api to protect your copy and envato recommend this type of protections.

Thanks… @mgscoder

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I always thought that it was only features like auto updates etc that could be locked behind p/codes, but that the core base plugin had to work without it?

I’d check that with support


Yes… I wanted to ask if I could lock the entire plugin features unless valid purchase code is registered in plugin’s setting page. (even though buyers can strip those codes and make it work)

Not to force buyer to purchase license for individual sites.

But to make sure only buyers use it. and not the ones who got from Null distributing websites.

There used to be written rules about that not being possible, and it only being allowed to secure more advanced features.

I can’t find that copy anymore but I would still drop a note to support and check.

For example, if you put an item on elements (where there are no purchase codes) then the buyer would be stuck if this feature was active


But what if plugin isn’t on elements and only on Codecanyon market.

Regardless - that’s just an example.

It was definitely written into the rules previously so it’s best to ask support

According to this it’s not possible but it only mentions themes. Wonder if it applies to plugins as well? @jamesgiroux