Forbidden to download after purchase

Good day. I’ve been downloading my purchase from Envato and it seems that it is almost impossible without lots of errors and forbidden access despite that I have purchased a regular licensed for Pixity. I have sent Envato a ticket for this concern. Meanwhile, it was suggested that I’d try clearing cache and browser history but to no avail. It was also suggested that I should contact the author.

1.) Any help out there for me to download the files?
2.) Can someone from Envato give a go signal for the author to give me the files?

Things to know:
Good internet connection. Just me using our connection.
Download is at 2GB but stops short at 1GB to say it’s forbidden.
Cleared cache and browser history.
Checked chrome extensions, plug-ins and all.

I need help.

If you leave a comment in the item it should mark you as ‘purchased’ and the author could send you the files directly I guess. Just ask :slight_smile:

I left a comment and I’ll just wait for their reply. I also contacted the author and they said they need to receive email from Envato team to send the files to me. I need this badly.