For what reason a topic can get a hard reject?

This is the first time I upload a project to Envato. In refusal, they wrote that they have higher standards of aesthetics and attention to detail. Please tell me how you can improve this work

Images do not load for me.

Hi tianna_mo

No guarantee for approval, but pointing some issues you should avoid when submitting your projects.

Improve all header section, very basic:

Logo cutted by SVG

On footer too… but your footer has poor design:

The same for mobile (footer):

Logo is vertically displaced on the fixed top bar:

Blurred text on mobile:

This hover effect is very used since long time:

You have four consecutive sections with squared static images, with same pattern of design, from header until portfolio: no design, nor customization. You could work with inner borders, SVG masks, shadows, carousels…

Hamburger menu for mobile is almost invisible, use light color:

Typography issues: increase line height and letter spacing, following a pattern of distances or similarity for all texts:

You could apply (example):

line-height: 2;
letter-spacing: 0.02em;


Hi webdesigntrade. Thank you for such a detailed answer! I will take note of all your recommendations.

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