For Turkey

Hi, I’m Yunus from Turkey.
I think you heard about the great disaster in our country. There were 2 earthquakes affecting 10 cities of the country, The authorities of our country declared a 4th level disaster crisis.This means a high-level request for international assistance.
Friends, the picture is more serious than it seems. The number of people who could not be reached despite the end of the 3rd day is too high, The whole country is mobilized now. Currently, the weather conditions are very harsh in that region.
I am currently trying to send aid to the region with a non-governmental organization, but time is running out and there are so many missing materials.

Now I call on Envato officials and you dear Authors. whatever goes through your heart

Official Accounts


Best regards Yunus Karaman


There’re some “official” organizations for those who’s planning the donations such as:


thanks, there are some that i wrote missing, that’s right

Bad thing happened there. I saw the video where the building collapsed just like that (4 or 5 storage building) - terrible disaster with this earthquake…

Thanks @pixdot - I hope that you and your family are safe.

We have friends and family members of some Envato staff directly affected, both in Syria and Turkey. Some other organisations that are currently doing important recovery work: