For Social Networking, why Wordpress and not pure PHP?

I am simply curious and still totally undecided on which way to go, when one wants to build a website to get out of Facebook out of total frustration with their rules and disgusting censorship, why should one choose a Wordpress Buddy Press community theme and not pure PHP scripts, such as Social Engine or Sngine, etc.?

Without getting technical as these two things are not the same - check this link from @WPExplorer (a super highly regarded WP expert) which discusses this exact topic and explains it well

Obviously though you can’t compare a free or stock plugin or script to a multi billion $ business.

Also worth remembering the numerous other considerations to do this if you are managing people’s data eg proper (not budget shared) hosting, security, management etc.

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thank you, but there seems to be absolutely nothing in that article that explains why one should choose wordpress over pure php, and instead it simply details the advantages of Buddy Press, but what I am after is why I should choose a wordpress theme with Buddy Press over a PHP script, such as WoWonder, or Sngine, or PHP Social, etc.

The thing is that it’s really not that simple and will be determined by the actual output you are trying to achieve.

The options listed above range from a free plugin to a one time purchase premium script, to a managed solution

You need to be clear on numerous pros and cons to find which works best such as:

  • cost
  • hosting
  • support
  • how technically capable you are (an owned solution is going to require constant updates, plus what would happen if the author stopped supporting or updating the item?)
  • required features

And lots more

FYI - the “censorship” or restrictions you don’t like on Facebook could well relate to legal requirements or limitations of the network which may we’ll be the same for another managed solution

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thank you for all the suggestions and the info. But I just went ahead and purchased WoWonder, the best-selling php script for social networking on Theme Forest.

thanks again.