for people using a subwoofer to their setup

I recently aquired a pair of KRK RP5’s and I will definitely need a subwoofer in the future.

I owned previously a pair of Alesis M1 620s, which were soon discontinued,
who eventually broke down over the course of the 8 years that I had them,
because of low grade components. The sound however was excellent in the low frequencies,
with round and very smooth, deep, yet pretty powerful bass. The mid-highs were not a feature for them.
Woofer speaker was 6.25 inch, and the quality was really good.

My question may sound weird to some of you, but being used to 2 speakers with large woofers before,
and having all my spectrum right next to my ears

I’m thinking that when I will add to the current KRK RP5 setup the subwoofer,
the low frequencies will come either from below the table or from a wooden stand which is 1.5 meters to the right.

People say and they’re right, that low frequencies from the subwoofer extend to 1.5 meters as opposed to high frequencies that have around 40cm, so that’s why you need the speakers close to you. For woofer bass frequencies, because the lenght of the low frequencies is a lot bigger, your small-medium room will always have sub frequencies in it, and it’s all good as long as there are no heavy bass buildups in the room (like in corners etc)

But still, because I’d love to know from someone who owns a subwoofer how it feels like, how’s the experience,
positioning it, how is it different hearing subbass coming from the subwoofer compared to hearing sub frequencies coming from left-right speaker, for those who have speakers with 7 inch or larger cones on the desk, or what any other thing that you might wanna share…i just asked this.

hope some of you guys have some good subwoofers out there to share the experience

For me having a subwoofer is great system, cause it has a crossover and it low-cuts the monitors’s lows.
I used to have many years ago some 8 inch bassy monitors Maudio BX8, can’t remember the difference though. :confused: I would also like to listen to this kind of subject between stereo sub frequencies and mono subwoofer ones.
I’ve noticed some professional songs have content in sub frequencies in stereo. Kind of confuses me, maybe there is no point in that? Maybe it feels better? Lets find out!


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well, from what I’ve read today on the net,
people say that subwoofer is mono because the stereo realm on the bass and subbass frequencies
does not count, because it’s not really used that much, and also because of the lenght of bass frequencies.
(1 meter compared to 40 cm for high frequencies, so you cannot notice the stereo that well on long frequencies).
This is what I read, maybe you can research some more on this.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do Left-Right stuff on say orchestra drums, or picked cello or some instruments like that.
But usually if you ask me, from what I’ve produced and what I know from good sound engineers I’ve met,
I know these simple distinctive things

If you want a particular instrument or drum to be powerful in your mix

  • do not apply left-right stereo, just center it
  • do not apply effects such as reverb, chorus or something similar. The more effect the less dynamic power of the instrument.

I just remembered a funny thing on Facebook. It was 4 pictures with text, like cartoons.

A girl and a guy making love. She whispers to his ear. "Tell me something stupid, baby…"
He says. “Let’s max out a subbass +6db and add some reverb on it…”


OK so I will definitely look into buying a subwoofer in the future, I really love to hear my sub frequencies,
although I can do until then just fine, my speakers specs are Frequency Response:45Hz - 35kHz
…usually when they say it starts in 45 Hz, it’s actually around 55-60 I guess, because of the curve starts
in 45, but gets powerful when it reaches 55-60. And speaker is kinda small at 5 inch to really pump some
55-60 hz. It is hearable but not that “deep, round, subbass feeling”. You know what I mean.

Other than that, any speaker you have, once you tested it with quality material recorded in nice studios
by nice bands such as Sting or any other good performer, you understand good sound on that speakers,
and then go from there.


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