For New USER

Hi Everyone, Don,t any item new user, your item reply ThemeForest and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. and you after themeforest 6 month user after that you copy any other project and submitted your profile and item received themeforst,

Pls check this Item: Same Item ANd tow Other Profile, and not same country, This is one country Au, India,

(links removed - please do not post links or call out other items/authors)

It was not easy to decipher your message, but if you are trying to say that those two items are the same then you are wrong. One is Muse theme, the other is HTML template.

Instead of searching for conspiracies, try to improve your english and your writing in overall, it will help you a lot in this wild digital world.

Hi Sir, if you don,t believed my question, pls paste your email address, and iam foreword evanto reply E-mail id?

Seriously, if you were rejected and you are holding some kind of grudge against Envato for that, you better share your item here in forums so community can give you some helpful tips. Otherwise you are just totally wasting time here.

Yes iam wasting my time in emvato iam choose new platform online technologies market!!