For experts: First Cinimatic track. Why no sales?
Why do I have about 100 page views bun no sales?
What do you think?

Hey nice track!

But, it got approved yesterday right? look at your audience, they are not waiting for a new track from CinematicMonster like a audience waiting for a new adele or bieber album.
Most buyers are probably video editors who need to download the preview first, try it in their project… get approval from their clients to use this track or not, A/Bing with other tracks, etc… Just a few reasons.

There are hundreds of reasons why you wont sell that much within 24 hours but will later.


I hope you are right! Thank you :blush:

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Patience my friend, patience. I still have a few tracks I think are good quality but haven’t sold at all in over a year. Keep making music and don’t worry about sales!

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@RobertSlump is totally right. @CinematicMonster don’t forget about overcrowded community. Quality and advertising of your items as well as community support may give you some extra sales and feedback. Cheers, Georgio! :wink:

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