For epic music creators

Hello, I want to start creating epic, corporate, ambient. But these are completely new styles for me, tell me where to start, what samples,plugins can I use?

YouTube is a fantastic resource for this kind of information.

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I would like to hear the opinion of the authors from audiojungle

For the epic part I can give you the advice to buy a lot of high quality cinematic sample libraries.
You need very good stuff, different libraries for layering. You need also choir libraries.
Have a look on the libraries from Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, Audio Imperia, EastWest. Chose the right ones for the style you want to compose.
Follow the hint of @gballx - there’s nearly no other way to watch and hear epic music, analyze it and try to start composing similar things. Then find your own style. And by the way: @gballx is an author on AudioJungle. His hint is very valuable.

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Listen to these authors:

These are authors on AudioJungle and really know this “Epic” sound.


I personally also like the sound and style of @MASSACARESOUND, have a look on his work.
For a youtube tip: Atom Music produces very good stuff (my opinion)

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Thank you for your feedback, but you overestimate me. I can hardly be attributed to the professional level. Now, after a while, I watched hundreds of training videos and realized that I had done a lot just by following my intuition and forgetting about the laws of orchestration that I didn’t know. But at the moment, I have seriously started to study this genre and decided to focus on it. I really like this music. From the recent great libraries I’ve learned about, I can recommend the “Performance Samples Oceania” choir and the Keepforest.


You underestimate your work, but I think, it is a normal thing. No one of us wants to claim “I am a pro!”
Anyway, I like your sound nevertheless. Pro or not, the most important thing is, that we keep the fun at our work and if someone likes our work…it’s the best thing it can happen. And following your intuition can never be a mistake. It’s what you feel and express.

I completely agree with these words! )

You will show some works here (links).
It is convenient and we will know what to advise you.

I like this item

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@ModernBard and what is your question now? Which expectations you have?