For All Envato Authors-the best and free application "Notificator", created by mystat team.

We created a special application for all Envato authors and it is free for everyone!At first, we made it for our own usage, but when we saw all the conveniences of using it, we decided to make it available to the general public.
Now you do not need to constantly check your profile page to learn about new sales or comments or other news, as our application will do that for you!
Notificator is a free application for all Envato authors, that has plenty of adjustable functionalities and works on any device. You just need to go to application settings and indicate what needs to be tracked – the Notificator will notify you, when something comes up. If it interesting to you watch this video please to learn how it works:

or visit the site of application developer:
Leave your comments and suggestions here please.
Good luck and large sales to you all!


Fantastic work, @audiopulse, thanks so much for creating and sharing with our community! Love the feature/ability where you can choose the hours where you would like to be notified, nice touch! Keep us posted as the app/tool is enhanced and be sure to submit to Envato Extras! :thumbsup:

Seems like a cool app, but if you could not spam me through my message box on my portfolio page, then that would be much appreciated!

Sorry, but we did not send any messages to anybody! This is our first message :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your high rating of our work! We will try to continue to do something useful for the community and Envato!!!

@audiopulse Hello again. :slight_smile: How do you set up notifications for all items? Seems like you have to add them individually if I’m not mistaken. Kinda hard for authors with hundreds/thousands of items. Let me know if I’ve overlooked a setting somewhere to control this. Thanks again!

Ok, I’ve got this wrong slightly, sorry. ‘meddio1’ from Russia has sent me two private messages through my profile today… one promoting your item and another promoting some other guy’s from the UK. He hasn’t got any items, just an Envato account, and he’s adding his referral code to the end of his links.

It’ll probably get removed, but hey, F to the Y to the I…

Hello spacestockfootage.
I see you are interested in plugins for site.
I want to introduce to you the new plugin for analysis and statistics of visits of your site.
Here are some possibilities plugin:

  • Determination of robots and spiders;
  • Detailed statistics of visitors;
  • Referring pages and addresses;
  • Geography of visitors;
  • Accurate determination of even the most unpopular browsers and operating systems;
  • Detailed information on the IP address of both the visitors and robots;
  • Screen resolution of visitors;
  • Visitors’ system language;
  • Traffic from search engines, social networks and e-mail services;
  • Time of downloading your pages for visitors;
  • Popular pages of your site;
  • Creating reports for any period and the possibility of unloading it;
  • Storage your data solely on your server;
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Constant updating;
    and that is far from the full list of the product’s features!
    Would you like to learn more?

You can get the detailed and full technical video-review of the product here:

Watch full demo version here:

Version for Wordpress is here:

Version for Joomla is here:

We will be happy if this information has been helpful to you.

Hello again scottwills. You right. Now - for each product it is individual. We will think about how to make it possible for a big number of products. Thanks again for your attention and we are always hapy to help :smile:

That our products and our description, but not our letters. On this issue we solve. Thank you for understanding.

You’re not alone. See this thread: Spam through profile contact form - `I see you are interested in plugins for site`

Seems that there is more than one username doing this - and they all seem to rhyme with deb and end with io1 :confused:

Back to the topic - seems like a great app! Will definitely check it out - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your rating and your attention. We hope that our application will be a good assistant for each author envato :smile: With Best regards to you team of mystat

cool apps!!! thank for made it public :smile:

Same thing happened to me today, but it seems he was reported & both the accounts were closed !

Thank you very much for such a high rating :smile:

When i try to authenticate it gives an error
"Twig_Error_Runtime in Template.php line 485:"

Thanks a lot for this, we will check it now :smile:

Try it now please, should be working :smile:

It works now, thank you.
Great app.

Thank you very much for the positive review! We hope that soon will add new and useful features :smile: