Dear people,

I have an annoying footer problem:

See footer below. How can I get these the same?

Despite the fact that a footer can be seen in the original example, and this can also be activated in one way or another, I have been unable to provide a footer.

If you look at Appearance> Widgets in Wordpress, you have fields to also enter the footer (see print screen). In my case I have footer widgets Column 1, footer widgets Column 2, footer widgets Column 3, and footer widgets Column 4.

But I just don’t manage to activate them in such a way that they can also be seen at the bottom of my page. Someone here who knows how that works?

Thank you in advance.


from Appearance> Widgets you will be able to manage/set widgets. and I think from theme options you will be able to manage the theme footer widgets display functionality. Also you can check theme documentation.


Thanks. I know :slight_smile: You mean this (see image) but I don’t understand how this should be activated. Theme documentation don’t help me.

please check theme options.

I have not that option “theme options” :frowning:


In wp-admin Dashboard left sidebar and/or at top menu should have theme options. Also you can check Appearance => Customize.
Please for any technical query about theme functionality the best process will be contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to assist you.


Theme author is dead I think. contacting author is very difficult, you can only contact with a kind of a ticket system. They don’t answer. They have never responded in 6 months.

Here are some print screens

You can check Appearance => Customize then go to widgets.
Theme Settings > Footer Customization
Otherwise please post comments in your purchased theme comments page.