Football / Soccer Bonus Challenge #1


We’re running prediction challenges throughout Copa America and Euro 2016 and it’s never too late to join! Meanwhile, we have a bonus mini challenge to compliment the predictions contest with more chances to win!


###To be in with a chance of winning a “Football Player” badge while our predictions contest is running, simple post a photo of you wearing your favorite football/soccer jersey. Club, country, or even local team - show us your favorite team colors and how you wear it with pride!

  • Challenge Start: Thursday, June 16, 2016
  • Challenge End: Thursday, June 23, 2016 (11pm AEST)
  • Prize: We’ll award 10 badges to our 10 favorite photos.
  • It’s just for fun! :soccer:

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Copa America 2016 Official Thread & Predictions Contest!

Greetings from Ukraine.
It’s me :slight_smile:


We lost. But there is still one game.
I’ll be rooting for my national team
Go Ukraine! :^)



Mr. Burnham has something to say :slight_smile:


I wish I followed soccer just to join )x



Germany Will Win The Euro 2016. And I’am As A Captain Will Lift The Trophy.


Here is our entry,we’ve had a lot of fun making it,hope you’ll like it :smiley:


So THAT’S why you’re called MusicDog! It all makes sense now! What a talented little canine you are! :dog2:


Great to see all the entries so far! There’s a couple of days left to get your entries in, official deadline is Thursday, June 23, 2016 (11pm AEST). :soccer: :shirt:


Thank you Scott, glad you like it :smiley:


We’ve lost. It’s sad. :disappointed_relieved: But football goes on, good luck to all! :vulcan: :soccer: :sparkles:




It was not a good year for the Brazilian team! but we have always supported !


Welcome to my Football World!!!:grinning: :soccer:


Music + Football + Games + Nature + Good Times :heart:

Here I am with my Fiorentina shirt, with “Edmundo 11” on the back and cleats.
Sorry for the picture, I cut my own head, you can only see my “neck” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Unfortunately i don’t remember where is my old football t-shirts but i’m a big fan of Scotland “Old Firm” derby. So here’s my little corner. Rangers vs Celtic. :slight_smile: My favourite player for long time - Ki Sung-yueng (FC Seoul, Celtic, Swansea, Sunderland). Cheers!


Me and my wife, say Hello from Sharm El-Shaikh - Egypt VIVA ESPAÑA