Football Fantasy script


Hi all, I would need a script management of a championship fantasy games like playstation or xbox (fifa etc.)

the script should be like this: with modifications (who wants to can directly propose to make any changes)

with these improvements:

  1. users can fill out a form to report a result, which if accepted by administrators automatically updates the manager in the league (team statistics, ranking, and the stats of the players)

  2. the budget management of the team, where you can renew the contracts of the players, clicking on an icon, that figure is scaled by the budget team.

  3. the management of the transfer market, where a user can 'buy a player of another team.

for more info contact me.

Budget =< 300 $


I would do it but i need to know what changed i am gonna do and i need to check the current source code…


available for any info, I’m interested in the final product, and especially maximum precision.


Hi nikeddy,

We’ve sent you an email.

Best regards,



see my mail please