Fooling Yourself


I don’t know how many of you follow The Recording Revolution blog, but if you don’t, you should!

Just read an article about how easy it is to fool yourself in thinking a certain plug-in, or what-have-you, is making your track sound better, when it actually might not be.

Definitely ran in to this problem starting out. Figured I could share this with those of you who are just starting to make music too! (And as a refresher for the well-seasoned :wink:)


Yep, just got that email yesterday. Good stuff as always.

Ian’s also got some great videos - he’s also done that loudness test before in one of his videos. The phenomenon where our ears’ perceive more bass and treble at higher volumes (I forget the proper name for it) is a very important little piece of knowledge to keep in mind when mastering. Just goes to show how our ears are both our greatest assets and worst enemies in music production :wink: