Food Menu expectations

hello everyone, I would like to get the opinion of our experienced members by asking a simple question. What do you think are the expectations in the food menu category, what kind of approach is the right way for approval and who approves designs made by “without following any of design rules” , which is the “very excellent” templates, currently in the category (with all due respect)? Please before replying go check food menu category. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.

hi there are some great things approved there (as in all the categories by the way), as some really huge authors take part in this category indeed. I am thinking of several people - I do not know if I can name them here …- who are creating amazing items

It’s not my intent to be disrespectful. I respect all workers. I mean some of the ones I’ve seen in the latest items. And I wonder why works done without following such rules are aproved easily. At this point, I ask myself where I am going wrong. Therefore, I wanted to get your opinion, what are the expectations of this category? As I see it, not design rules or aesthetic concerns (I mean the last works. Good and quality works are excluded from this comment.) Thanks

Anyone want to share their opinion about the customer or general expectations in this category? So what I mean is as theme or format base. I would like to get the opinion of our experienced authors. Thanks

Reviewing must be difficult and this is not free from having some incoherence sometimes down the road, all people are human beings, not to mention that coordinating must be difficult for matters of time , workload , geographical location and so on … as for me , what I regret is that there is more of an issue about the style that the platform wants to incorporate or not and the reason I tend to agree with u is that I believe that some styles - no matter how trendy would people like them to be - are a bit prevailing too much over the rest at times … I tend to consider that maybe the platform could make more profit of the great variety of authors and styles than what happens today