Fonts not included in AE opener

I might be doing something wrong, but I downloaded an AE opening in Envato Elements and the fonts used in the opening were not included in the opening files. I do not know how to contact the author of the opening although I have their user name. Any suggestions?

Fonts are usually not included with any item unless the item itself is a font. This is because they do not have legal permission to redistribute the font.

Usually, authors use free fonts, so when you open AE it should tell you the name of the missing font, then you can just Google the name and find it available to download.

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Now that you explained why they are not included it makes perfect sense, thank you for enlightening me, never really gave it any thought. Second while it did say what I was missing that was the first thing I did is google it and I came back empty handed, that’s why I was trying the reach the author, I thought they could at least tell me where they got it. Thank for taking the time to explain these things to me…it truly helped

What was the font name? Maybe I could help you find it.

You can also try looking up the item name on, and if it’s there you can click on the author’s profile image/name and use the contact form on the right side of the page to contact them.

Done…can’t thank you enough