FontPress requires purchase to get updates

I am an Elements subscriber - I downloaded FontPress by LBWeb (a WordPress plug-in) and it seems to work OK, but dows not include updates, even though its detail page (FontPress by LCweb on Envato Elements) says it does. Once you have it installed and it becomes out of date, you get a message that you have to purchase support separately in order to get updates. I am not asking for full functionality, just updates.

Even if I re-download it, I get an out-of-date version. Not good,


I imagine the author will be updating the Elements version in time. Then you can re-download the latest version.


Hmm. So the process is that when I am notified that the add-in is out of date (I like this part), I have to check back daily by downloading the current version from the elements site until the version number is the one I am looking for?

Does anyone see that as an unacceptable process? The add-in knows enough to tell me that I need a new update and then tries to upsell me, but it can’t provide me access to the version it says I need (or better yet, update itself like ALL of my other plug-ins).

You need to purchase your own copy from CodeCanyon if the item is on sale there to get the automatic updates

This was obtained through Envato Elements and the page where I downloaded it specifically stated that “updates are included”. I thought that meant that updates were included WITHOUT having to pay extra for them.

Updates are included but it’s not automated. You need to update theme manually whenever there’s a newer version

…which takes me back to my initial problem. The version you can download from Envato Elements is not up to date. The only way I can get the CURRENT update is to BUY a copy separately.

This would give me the choice of getting into yet another subscription or running my site with out of date software.

Running with out of date software causes me to fail PCI compliance. Additionally, I am stuck in the loop of needing to check back every day until a “up to date version” is posted on the site, since there isn’t any automated notification process.

The original item price is 23$ while you’re paying 16$ monthly to get thousands of the items and you’re expecting to get quick support/updates for the items - it’s not realistic considering the author is getting paid less than 1$ for the item. The difference between the original price and the price you got made the difference about the support/updates quality.

Sorry about the language may be a bit harsh but if you don’t want to wait, get your own copy and you can use the automatic updates. If you don’t want to pay, you have to wait.

Are you LCWeb? I see your account as “ki-themes” and you refer to themes in your comments.

I am not expecting ANY support, except that if the plug-in indicates that an update is required, then the update should be available. Otherwise it shouldn’t cause wordpress to mark the plug-in as “update is required” - that notification should match the availability of the corresponding update.

I’m not the item author. Author may update the item whenever he has time for Elements