font upload

hello everyone, sorry i want to ask how do i upload fonts on graphicriver?
thanks to all who want to help me

Hi @alifiagrhapic and welcome!
This article will tell you everything you need to know about what is required for submitting fonts.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

I also still don’t understand why the font items I upload on GraphicRiver are always rejected.
maybe I’m still wrong in filling out the description or the preview is less interesting. or also the size that I do not know so far.
what is clear is that I still don’t understand how the appropriate font items should be uploaded on graphicriver.

Ah yea, I understand the frustration.

Usually a rejection message like that means that the fundamental design/quality of your upload isn’t what Envato is looking for. You can always upload a preview of your submission to the forum here and you’ll get some feedback on what you can do to improve your future submissions.

In terms of preview, here are a few fonts on GraphicRiver that I personally think did a good job.

It also helps if your typeface is creative and unique, helping it stand out from the rest. I don’t know what you submitted, but you’re going to have a much harder time with simplistic typefaces that compete with the likes of Helvetica, Lato, Minion, etc.

I really appreciate your explanation, I will try to follow your suggestions in creating and uploading my font items. Thank you very much🙏

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