Font Changed in Envato Market?

Hi everyone,
now i noticed that the fonts changed in envato market’s web pages…i would like to know that whether it’s officially changed by envato team or some problem with my pc?
thank you

What you’re seeing is a local bug. The font looks normal for me, but I’ve had your exact issue before.

Try this – go to the Bootstrap 3 docs, and see if the ugly font issue is present there as well. What both of these pages have in common is that they are using Helvetica Neue, which it seems you have installed onto your computer.

I’m not exactly sure why it does this. It was reported to the Chrome team years ago but nobody at Google paid attention to it. I’ve only had it happen for Helvetica Neue after installing it locally. As soon as I uninstalled the font, webpages looked normal again.


yeah…morning i have installed Helvetica neue
after that i have opened my opera browser…it’s looking like that…

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Done…solved…thanks @ baileyherbert