Followers who Unfollow

My followers list has been steadily increasing in the 3+ years that I’ve been here, but from time to time I lose followers. Why? Was it something that I said? :wink:

Seriously though, why do some followers unfollow? I really want to understand. Are they just trolls? Have I forgotten to follow them back at some point and they’ve taken offence? I can’t believe people actually look out for these things. Have they purchased an item and something went wrong during the purchase? Have they got something against the clothes I wear…I mean why would you unfollow someone that you were following?

Just wanted to know. :grinning:

Follow us we will follow you …

Let us know by leaving a reply over here.

Here’s a few possibilities…

You upload too many items, you don’t upload enough items, they started following you due to you having a bunch of items they liked and now you’re uploading a bunch of items they don’t like, they have a problem with odd/even numbers and needed to get rid of someone, the runes indicated that you may be a bad influence, they’re missing a bunch of new items in the follow feed as they’re following too many people, tensions between your country and their country are escalating and they want to display an air of patriotism in support of their country’s foreign policy, you said something in the forums that they took offence to or disagree with, they’re just having a bit of a spring clean, mercury is in retrograde.


It’s usually the runes :sunglasses:

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I have noticed a increase of followers when i was author of the week.
And as soon as i was off the frontpage, boom so were a bunch of followers as well.

Could one explanation be that followers sometimes closes their account/get their account closed?

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Maybe your new item make them think again :smiley:

For my case, i seldom upload new items… that’s why my followers unfollow me. This reason seems to be quite valid for me :slight_smile:

If you mean recent loss of followers, they didn’t unfollow you. They are just gone.

Some authors follow other authors who have lots of badges (hoping for visibility on these authors profile pages) and then, when they aren’t anymore in the latest (visible) 11 followers list, they unfollow the author :slight_smile: It’s a weird idea of marketing, it happens to me every day too.


To me this makes the most sense. People just randomly deleting their account and/or changing username/exclusive/non-exclusive account. Of course, it just shows up as a follower lost in our list! I like this explanation and it goes to show the complexity of the marketplace and the internet. Often, what we “see” and “think” can be the result of an action that is indirectly linked. The trouble is, when I “see” a follower disappear, my simple “in the present moment” brain, imagines a person on another computer looking at my account and with a devilish grin, pressing the unfollow button, laughing manically while thinking “That’s the end of him from my follow list”, when in reality, the real reason is probably quite an innocent one.

So either

  1. I’m paranoid


  1. All is not what it appears to be on the Internet…mwwwaaaaah!!! :slight_smile:

Whatever the reason is I don’t think there’s a reason to take it personally :slight_smile:
Personally I don’t pay much attention to it, but I think its nice if anyone follows me and I try to follow authors that produce music that I enjoy. I don’t think I ever will feel the need to un-follow anyone :wink:

omg, why to get it so hard! :ghost: :performing_arts::floppy_disk::head_bandage: Wait for the best from people (until they proove the contrary).

All trolls to care are inhabitants of head. Internet is just a stream of digits.

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You really are a good Moderator

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Why, thank you!

i can understand , however , this is their right in the first place they are free to have reasons either to flow or to unfollow and this is our role to try to make sure that they do not do lol by offering as good a content as we can. In addition, there are guys who close their accounts sometimes and obviously followers are being taken out with the account …

lots of followers are also waiting for having u uploading on regular basis and i assume that sometimes are unfollowing because they do not feel the need to make sure your latest items anymore for some reason

u are right , it has to be thought this way in my view. indeed , this is really nice to have lots of followers , this basically means that a lot of people find something interesting either in you or what u do , which is much of a pleasant thing, no doubt about it … however, lots of guys are thinking that there is a close connection between followers and sales and the bottom line is that this is not true, and i know what i am talking about lol i still personally have more followers than sales lol

I don’t have many followers, but some of them follows me (I do the same in turn) and all of a sudden they unfollow me. And they’re still here, accounts aren’t deleted.

The most funny thing, I recently commented my follower ( I am following him as well), saying that his track is cool (that’s what I really think), he said “thanks” and unfollowed me straight away lol. I guess I am gonna search for an option so nobody can follow me anymore, since it’s all frustrating and I don’t get these people.

Think about how you would feel if all the people would follow you in real life… Are they your friends? But seriously there’s most of the time no reason the author gave, but more likely some impuls that lies by the follower,like: need to clean the account, pressing the wrong button, bad hair day, mad about not following back, heard better music, some sort of trick they thought about, bad meal, starting all over, or maybe just that the following brings them nothing anymore…

yes sometimes i also cleanse my follow list, i.e. im done with someone as a AJ partner, which happens, or i fell like the one i follow is not good enough to follow.