Followed Author's Update Instructions But Now Encountering Errors - Need Help

I am reaching out to this community for help with my CodeIgniter application. I followed the author’s instructions to update my site by taking a backup of the “env.php” file and the “assets/images” folder, replacing all script files with the new ones, copying back the file and folder from step 1, and running the database update by hitting the URL “”. However, now I am encountering a couple of issues and I’m not sure how to resolve them.

The first issue is that the site redirects us to the install page. The second issue is that we are getting an error message that says “Uploads folder not writeable. For uploading user, department, and other images. Please make sure all the requirements are fulfilled.”

I have checked the permissions on the uploads folder, and they are set to drwxrwxr-x, which should allow the web server to write to the folder. I’m not sure what else to check or how to resolve this issue.

If any of you have encountered a similar problem when updating your CodeIgniter application, and if so, how did you resolve it? Is there anything else I can try to troubleshoot this issue and get my site back up and running?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Support is being provided by the item author and you need to contact them directly. ( Forum is general purposes only - but not support )

We are not looking for support, we are looking suggestions on resolutions as we are about to engage Australian authorities and legal counsel if this is not resolved internally

There’s no guarantee of the script that it would be updated without any problem. Depending on the server and configurations, in some cases, it causes errors. At this stage, it’s you who’s responsible updating the script and keep the backup before.

In most cases, the agreement states “use it on your own risk”. You’d be getting the amount of the money for the script that you paid (refund ) in any cases. You need to solve it with the item author by requesting help

This is both false and misleading. When a consumer is directed by a merchant to purchase a service(support) and they provide directives under that support the merchant has an obligation to the consumer to do so in good faith. Selling a service(support) in bad faith is consumer fraud and deceptive business practice. Additionally, when a consumer suffers damages at the cause of a merchant they are entitled to recover damages

To be clear we are just asking for the support we purchased and we’ll overlook the authors conduct.

It’s the cost of the script you have paid if you’re willing to take the case to the court. Just contact the item author and request support

With all due respect, you may not be understanding what a court considers damages. This is a live production server with multiple paid campaigns. When considering damages, a court may take into account several factors, including the nature and extent of the harm suffered by the plaintiff, the extent to which the defendant’s actions caused the harm, and the amount of financial losses incurred by the plaintiff as a result of the harm. The court may also consider any non-monetary damages, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, or loss of enjoyment of life.

There are several types of damages that a court may consider, including:

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2/11/2023 8:45 AM: Requested to be added for auto-update

2/13/2023 7:02 AM: Auto-update through UI dashboard breaks website

2/13/2023 12:41 PM: Asked for help after auto-update broke website

2/14/2023 10:10 AM Provided CodeWand with credentials

2/14/2023 3:20 AM CST: Code Wand requested admin and cPanel/hosting access to investigate

2/15/2023 1:02 PM CST: Code Wand reported that credentials provided were not working

2/15/2023 1:12 PM: Advised Code Wand they are using wrong protocol and to use sftp:// if using filezilla and confirmed credentials were working

2/15/2023 1:45 PM: Unbanned CodeWand IP address and whitelisted

2/15/2023 1:58 PM CST: Code Wand reported wrong username and attached screenshot showing them using wrong credentials

2/15/2023 2:00 PM: Advised Code Wand of correct username

2/15/2023 2:11 PM: Advised Code Wand again of incorrect credentials and resent them

2/15/2023 2:26 PM CST: Code Wand asked for directory after gaining access

2/15/2023 3:00 PM: Advised Code Wand of directory /var/www/

2/15/2023 4:29 PM: Advised Code Wand that they broke the website and received no response

2/15/2023 4:56 PM: Advised Code Wand that they broke the website and received no response

2/16/2023 7:37 AM: Advised Code Wand that they broke the website and received no response

2/16/2023 10:54 AM: Advised Code Wand that they broke the website and received no response

2/16/2023 1:57 PM CST: Code Wand requested read-write access and asked for patience

2/16/2023 2:23 PM: Granted Code Wand read-write access to directory

2/16/2023 7:11 P.M Live Production Server STILL DOWN

2/17/2023 2:08 AM CST CodeWand threatens us not to leave comments or Codecanyon will block our account

2/17/2023 9:24 CST Live production server Website still broke because of CodeWand

2/17/2023 9:25 AM CST We confirm read write access for CodeWand and grep log files for users IP

2/19/2023 7:29 AM CST Live Production Server still down

Monetary value is not significant to us, we are acting solely out of principle and will not tolerate fraud or deception

No, it won’t. You have already accepted the term of conditions by purchasing the item

  1. You indemnify us against all losses, costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis), expenses, demands or liability that we incur arising out of, or in connection with, a third party claim against us relating to your use of Envato Market and any content you post to Envato Market (including, if you are an author, your items).

  2. If you are a buyer, you agree that we are not responsible for, and you release us from liability arising out of or in connection with:

  3. the items on Envato Market;

  4. information provided by authors about their items (including on any item page); and

  5. your use of items from Envato Market.

Best case scenario, as I informed, you’d be getting a refund for the item ( the amount of the product you have paid )

It’s your responsibility to perform an update on a non-staging website ( live website ). As I suggested, you can just restore the backup you have and find a freelancer to perform an update for you if you’re not able to do it on your own ( It’s not authors’ responsibility as well )


Without knowing every aspect of your issues, then it would be difficult to even offer the best help. One thing to be clear when I have read through this post is that you should have made backups of ALL YOUR FILES and your DATABASE before you tried to upgrade a live production website.

To me it seems that you missed making all these crucial backups, and then you ran the upgrade and now it has caused some unexpected issues.

You cannot lay blame with the author (as much as you would like to) and if you want to get this sorted out then my best advice to you is to keep the author on your side rather than alienate them with the threat of legal damages and compensation claims.

I hope you can resolve the problems :slight_smile:

I mostly agree with you. We made backups, restored site best as possible right now. We want the upgrade. I would like to be friends with CodeWand.


To be clear we have restored backups. We are looking for the update that was promised to us upon purchase of support

It’s official terms and conditions, not misinformation but good luck!


@alliedemergency - okay so have you managed to restore your website to where it was before you tried to implement the upgrades? Reading your comments I see that you have suggested YES you have restored the website to a point where it was working before. The issue is that you are not able to run the update or when you attempt to run the update, it throws up errors???

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CodeWand has provided support today. Updated version is very nice also!

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Good I am glad @codewand got it fixed up and running for you my friend. Take care and best wishes