Follow or not?

There are those that are added to the" followers", but after a while refuse it. I like friendly people always reciprocate, but to me it has the look of a man who - refused, that would unsubscribe from it.

Want to suggest a feature which will do automatic mutual action.

Example: If a person decides to become “followers” then my account makes me his “followers”.
If the person refuses it, my account also refuses automatically.

This will eliminate the manipulation of advertising tracks on the pages of other authors.

I know there are some who follow and unfollow soon after you follow back. It must be a common trick to increase your follower though I am not really sure if it is proper. I would not personally want to take that tactic.

On your question about the api, I only find in Envato api what shows you the number of followers of user. see get user

What I can suggest you is to scrape your profile page one by one.{username}/followers?page=n{username}/following?page=n

Use web browser console and jQuery to collect user ids in each page as arrays and compare them to find the ones who are not following you reciprocally etc. You can also program in e.g. python to do that automatically.

In my personal opinion, it appears much more constructive and pleasant to think of orthodox approaches: selling well and there will be followers naturally. However, in my case, I am still trying to figure out how to produce tracks that do not get rejected. What a low aim but that is my current state.


This function should be disabled.

I’d be happy to have that opportunity…
I do not really want to delve into the api system or perform actions in comparison.
Thank you for your advice.

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I understand when you have a follower, this follower is interested in your music. In my case I love when a producer or videographer etc. wants to follow me to get updates since he is a potential buyer. Also, I like to follow authors that helps me to learn a lot … :slight_smile:
But to be honest lately I don’t think so much about following - not following… maybe I should do think more. it’s important… :open_mouth:

same here…
I follow people because I want to… follow them!
And I don’t care about them following me, at all!