Focuson Theme purchased on 1.December 2018 not supported!

We purchased the theme FOCUSON on 1.Dec. 2018 with the standard support of 6 months. Now we looked for its documentation as some unusual behavior is observed. It surprised that is no more supporting this theme and there is no documentation to understand the problems. It should not be a normal practice here that themes are sold but within 2 weeks these are no more supported. And the peak of quality is that there is no way to contact support, except to write in this forums!
Please let me know how to proceed or we have to return the purchased theme? Thanks.

Do you mean ‘theme’ i.e. WordPRess or do you mean HTML ‘template’?

When you say ‘not supported’ - do you mean no support or that the item has been entirely removed?

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I have checked but found only one html template named “Focuson” in themeforest and alos found it is supported. No wordpress theme named ‘Focuson’ exist in themeforest. So, please first thing please confirm that you have purchased WordPress theme or html.

Another thing I found Focuson HTML theme on Elements. please can you check which Item you purchased.

Thanks for your message.
I mean the WordPress theme. The item is entirely removed and there is no documentation to find out which bugs we found.

Thanks for your reply.
We purchased the WordPress theme on 1.December, i.e. 2 weeks before, and not the HTML theme, I even didn’t know that a HTML theme existed. Now the WordPress theme is removed although with the purchased Focuson Theme a 6 months standard support was part of it. So what else to say but very unserious things are going on.

If it’s fully removed (might be worth reaching out to the author in case it is a temporary withdrawal) then you should be entitled to a refund. You would need to speak to support


Thanks a lot for your precise information and the link.
The WordPress theme is fully removed, I should check your link.