Flyers Rejected

Hello! I created this two sale flyers and they were rejected.
I expected the platform to report the reason for the rejection, but they only warn that “isn’t at the quality standard required”.

Could someone help me understand why the rejection?
Thank you.

hi u should post items one by one this is not easy to comment several at a time and this is pushing to have more generically comments rather than detailed “review”

in both cases though , u have a collection of problems and one of the very major issues is the very hard readability resulting from effects that u have put in the main titles, which is wrong as this is tasing away the very reason for the flyer … major information must not only be readable so that it makes sense but they must also pop out and be identified graphically as essential. In both cases , the hierarchy would have been ok without u mess it with the effects making the item hard to read and use indeed. Though this is not only a matter with titles , u also have issues to fix as contrast is not ok and once again impacts readability for some other pieces information. The fact of the matter is that contrast is not a small deal as impacting many other things like readability and hierarchy but this is most importantly again a basic design principle identified as such. Also, variations in the typo are not always done properly to say the least and the typo is globally rather flat in a general way, this lacks touches of originality indeed. finally the global style is requiring a bit that push the envelope graphic design wise as this is not super worked out at this stage, both backgrounds being made of plain color sufaces with is making the commercial potential of your item go down