Flyer Rejected Help me

can anyone help me why the flyer got rejected?
so frustrated, suggest me please the reasons behind its rejection ? please give me reasons so that i wont do that mistakes again

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Hey Prabin! do not worry anything, even the craziest , can happen here lol if u could have a look at the lattes flyer that they rejected from me u would hallucinate lol for the only reasons that i see for your item to be rejected is about contrast and readability … some of your texts with the goldentn effects are a bit hard to read and same goes with the red gradient … otherwise , there is small issues of contrast here and there and this is just by editing the color that u would easily make up for these small things … The last thing is about spacing my fiend … the header is closer from the upper edge than the footer form the bottom edge …

see mine lol no one can understand this …

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so sad to see so many designs approved are below quality in my view then why reject so quality items

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u are right but unfortunately , nothing to do about it …i tried in the past to point at the incoherence , now i am into trouble with some hating my guts lol