Flyer rejected for 2nd time, would love experienced authors opinions

Hello all, I’m new here and still trying to get my work going to be approved, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated imagepreview

It is a nice flyer and has a lot going for it, (barring blurry or rough edges, can’t enlarge the image) but the Christmas header is out, or not centered.

I know that you did it to make the Christ…fit the BASH part, but you could or probably should have made the BASH bit smaller and centered the other one.

The rest of the flyer, is probably ok, but the more you can put into a flyer the better your chances, (l recently did a wreath, Xmas one, (click on avatar, then link) but included motion blurr presents, etc to make sure it had a good chance.

But if this is your first attempt, then you will probably get one through soon.

Good luck and welcome aboard.