Flyer Rejected because?

Hello, a few days ago I wanted to start uploading something Graphicriver, but I have rejected the 1st job and I would like to be given some opinions on why they rejected it and how to avoid that rejection in future work. I have seen some works within the section where I was, and some had a very high level and others seemed very simple, but they were approved, because of that and because in the message that they have sent me it is not very well explained, they just told me “it’s not in the required quality standard”. Is it too basic? .I would appreciate everything kind of advice and help!


hi i like many things about your items indeed, though there are definitely some things that can be improve indeed … first of all , u have a real issue about the spacing in the footer hard to understand why the two smaller lines like this are so much separated from the rest , in the first place … besides , as regard to these lines, i would recommend that u increase the size of font slightly and most importantly the space between letters. Actually , by re-adjusting the two concerned lines’ will solve another problem, i.e, the very lack of space between the edge and the two small lines in the footer …

otherwise, i suggest u to come with a decent fake logo , what u have done is not only not very harmonious indeed, but this is also ruining the preview , and as we are dating with this i think that would be a smart move to position a logo without a big circle around , u will save some space for the header and make sure that the logo is "breathing "

i think that in a general way u have too many circles right now, repetition might be a design basic principle, in some cases , u end up messing in the end … this is a bit what happens here , 2 are far enough … as we are still considering the circles , as for the black one, u should re-arrange the text inside , this is not harmoniously placed right now , maybe changing fonts or combining them would be welcome by the way and make sure that all alignment and spacing makes sense

i guess it also depends on how u fix or not all the things that i mentioned previously but, according to me i think that u should push up the whole design slightly the global lay out would look better …

in any case, this may look implying a whole lot of changes but this is not so much of a big deal, u have a very cool base to work with and if u handle things properly i am sure that u can make your design look really cool and ultimately make it for sale

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Thank you very much n2n44 for taking the time to answer and analyze the design, you are right with the circles, the “false logo” and the dimensions of the texts in the foot, I will make some modifications to improve it

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good luck buddy , or “have a good work” should i rather say :slight_smile: