Flyer rejected any reason

Hello Envato team work Please I need any feedback why my flyer have been rejected everything is very fine with my flyer all text in the center also the model is in center exactly i’ve used 2 images from shutter stock and also I’d like to say we are going to be 2020 and until this moment still Graphic river team work doesn’t say why the flyer has been rejected !!! it’s really hard for us to make the design and it takes a lot of time and at the end what rejected !!!

Personally I think he model is obscuring too much of the text

I am not convinced by the font choices Or hierarchy

The website url doesn’t work there

The model is too much of a focal point given that you can’t distribute it with the design

This is one of the most crowded categories on envato and anything short of pixel perfect is going to struggle and with respect this does not feel polished enough


At least this guy who saw the flyer design could make it soft rejected and let me understand and then i can fix and updating after but i think it was just easy to click on rejected bottom
and let me explain for you i can show you a lot of flyers on envato market model have been used in the all flyer design size if you want i can show you,
for the text also a lot of authors here making flyer designs using a lot of text more than me double time for example you can check INDUSTRYKIDZ auther for example
and about the website url doesn’t work there I didn’t get what you meant ?

I am not an experienced designer so only giving an opinion as a very experienced buyer

I’m sure in a marketplace of thousands of items there will be others with issues but comparing to other items is one of the worst things you can do for your sanity if nothing else, and if a reviewer is choosing not to give feedback and hard reject it then there is clearly a fair amount which needs looking at.

The url just feels very lost and a bit forced where it is. It would look better in a flat line at the top of down the bottom around the social icons and other info

To be honest, this one looks better than most of your currently accepted flyers, so that’s a little surprising.

In terms of the reviewers giving detailed feedback. They used to do that, but now that Envato is the biggest digital marketplace for design items like this, it doesn’t really seem realistic to give detailed feedback on every design submitted, especially when there could be hundreds, if not thousands of items submitted every day, doing so would increase the already long review times by quite a lot, we’re talking weeks of waiting for your item to be reviewed.

Hello, nice work but your image coverd full area included text. What is the flyer headline very hard to read. Please reconstruct text alignment in upload on graphicrive. Thank you!

Thank you guys for your comments and I understand and for the text I have seen a lot of flyer design model were covered 80% of the main text please Envato team work I really need Investigation from the Author who rejected my flyer because he was could give soft reject and tell me that I need to make the text smaller or the model whatever but i really know understand that was clicking on hard rejected it was the easy choice for him/her so please Envato, #authoring-on-envato #authoring-on-envato:graphicriver raphicriver team work I need Investigation if it possible

for me this is great … though , i am a bit suspecting that u played with rgb colors for the great lighting like this and this maybe an issue … otherwise having texts crossed by pictures is clearly not a good idea, this makes the readability really much more difficult indeed … the texts are justified and flagged in all directions, once in the center, once in the right and once in the left … this is not done … and this is bringing trouble to the table actually … alignment looks not completely correct also because of the dividing line … i know u probably did on purpose but this kind of originality , if u deal with a purist is going to be something that u will be brought into trouble for … u have a slight unbalance to fix also as the central axis is quite busy when the mid sideways are a bit empty comparatively … finally letters are not properly aligned in the icons …